Project Description

An old beer hall built in the 60’s is to drastically change in character – a once  suppressing building promoting bad habits, becomes a building of hope providing a safe and uplifting environment to the youth of Mbekweni – caring for and preparing our future.

The Mbekweni Youth Centre will not only provide for consultation, learning and educational facilities, but aims to be a place of choice for the youth to socialise in a controlled and educational environment.
It is designed as such to be flexible in use, open to choices and multi-functional spaces.

The use of the Centre should not be limited to office hours: ‘on Friday evenings, youth will gather at the boma in the courtyard, socialise and prepare their food, before moving to the cafeteria for a movie’. The centre must provide an alternative for youth to make the right choices, aquire educational and life skills and promote a healthy lifestyle.